What we do

Our Approach

Our approach is one of bespoke process work. You can use us for as much or as little of your BPM work as you wish. Our offering is split into three areas:

1) Initial Consultation

We will work with you  to understand the objective of the BPM work you are undertaking.  Is this a documentation exercise  to understand what you currently have?  Is this a project  to centralise and consolidate a number of spearate entities into one process organisation? Is this  a project  to review and improve your existing processes?  We can help you  undertsand the different approaches  you will need to take and what tools  and techniques you will need to make this happen.

2) Process Modelling

Once you understand what you want to do we will work with your  organisation to identify and define your existing (and to-be) models. This is accomplished through  using facilitate group sessions with  departments or key users -  along with industry leading software tools  to support the work.  At the end you will have completely documented process models for your project and your organisation.

3) Process Implementation

A well understood and documented process is useful in and of itself, however in order to get the real return on investment the process has to be implemented in your organisation.. We will provide  expertise to enable this to happen. From defining implementation plans to creating transformation maps, providing training and ensuring skills are transferred we will bridge that gap between the theoretical 'process on paper' and the final implemented process.