Praise for the perfect process project


Almost everybody has heard the alarming figures about software projects which failed totally or which were not finalized on time and on budget. Billions of dollars have been lost in such cases. But no statistics exist for software introductions which didn’t meet the expectations of the enterprises e.g. when new software is purchased to increase productivity and profit, but neither was achieved. 

Gary Comerford is the first to hone in on these failures. In a humorous way he shows how the wrong project approach can lead to a disaster. Not how software or IT in general should drive the business but that the business should drive IT. 

Software selections and introductions should always be started from the company’s processes. The processes are the 'fingerprint' of a company and are therefore not totally reflected by standard software. 

To analyze and optimize the processes it is not sufficient to just choose a project leader but it is necessary to name process owners and delegate the necessary power to them. Only by integrating the stakeholders in the project and selecting the software that portrait the business processes accurately is success in software selection and introduction likely. 

But Gary doesn’t stop here. He also addresses other areas of project set-up for optimal process design/change, eb and gives guidelines how to avoid traps and find the best organization. 

Gary’s ebook “THE PERFECT PROCESS PROJECT” is entertaining and puts the finger into the wounds. His “Laws” give a guideline for successful process optimization and change.

Mike Ater - CEO,
PROMIS Solutions AG

"I like this eBook as it’s highly practical – some good tips that you can actually use to make your projects better (rather than hypothetical hyperbole) and some really good real-life examples. It’s like a little helping hand to guide you along the way

Craig Reid - "The Process Ninja"

"We used the concepts identified in this book - along with a process review session run by Gary - to identify what was holding our business back as we start to grow and expand. Management bought into this and we are now moving forward confident that we can solve the issues that usually cause process problems.

Virginia Filmer-Sankey -The Adaro Group